1. Abdullah

    لا اعتقد انه النظام الحقيقي

    راجع التعليقات

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      في عدة نسخ موجودة على الإنترنت بعضها ليست النظام … يوجد نسخ عبارة عن النظام ، الامر متشعب قليلا ….

      1. ahatayyash

        Hi there!

        Google Chrome OS has not been released yet. Not even the beta you are describing. What you installed is a fake version. It's a simple distribution created with SUSE studio. Read the full story at http://chromeos-blog.com

  2. Tommy

    The link you provided for the steps to install Google Chromium OS with Virtual Box is a fake link. It refers to some fake Linux distribution that mimics the look and feel of Chromium OS. The current distribution of the OS is not an ISO image but a virtual hard disk that can be used by either VMware or Virtual Box virtual machines. Please refer to the following link the highlights the steps to install the current available build of the OS:
    I hope that would help.
    Thank you very much,

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